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Yamaha R1 (1999 to 04) Coil spring conversion.

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Bikes of the early 2000’s missed out on the benefits of slipper clutches but we can now bring the undoubted benefits of a good slipper clutch to the party. The clutch is also a coil spring conversion for better reliability and uses the standard clutch pack.

The Yamaha R1 has great potential on the race track .. and our clutch improves its performance no end.  Improving corner entry stability and helping to limit excess over-revving on corner entry. By reducing the amount of grip ‘used up’ turning over the engine into corners our clutches have the potential to reduce lap times and improve competitiveness.

  • Five ramp, wet type.
  • Hard anodised in grey.
  • Clutch centre only.
  • Uses standard clutch plates and has a coil spring conversion, springs are included.