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Yamaha FZ750 /FZ1000 / FZR750 /YZF750/FZR1000/ YZF1000R ( all 5 valve 4 cyl yams 1985 to R1 except OW02)

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This clutch fits all the Yamaha 4 Cylinder 5 Valve engines except the OW02 and the first R1. This clutch makes a massive difference on these older engines.  As usual the clutch slipper action improves corner entry stability and downshift rev control.

They can be used on bikes that have had their electric starts removed but you get a far better slipper action if the bike doesn’t need to be bump started. To fit the early FZ750 the motors require a small amount of machining to the breather system under the clutch cover but that is all covered in the instructions.

  • Six ramp, wet type.
  • Hard anodised in grey.
  • Clutch centre only.
  • Uses standard clutch plates and spring.