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MotoGP Technology 3rd edition Final Print Run

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Neil Spalding's Technical analysis of the MotoGP class, A summary of the Design Fundamentals of racing motorcycles and then individual chapters on all the major technologies. Including a full technical review of each of the major factories MotoGP efforts.

First printed in 2017 these books are from the final 2019 print run and are up to date as at the end of that season. If you are interested in understanding how Sportbikes work, what matters and what doesn't, then this is a compulsory read. An Officially Licenced MotoGP publication with 320 pages, 650 colour pictures, most unique to this book, and diagrams. 

Matt Wildee - Motor Cycle News Senior Editor - January 2018 ‘Full of fact, insight and the kind of insider knowledge that makes you realise just how races are won. It’s probably the best technical motorcycling book that I’ve ever read. It’s kept me going for weeks and I feel more knowledgeable about bikes as a result.’’

Rennie Scaysbrook - Cycle News - June 2018 ‘Neil can take the most complex information, such as explaining the intricacies of chassis flex or fluid dynamics or chatter, and distill it into bite-sized pockets of information that are both informative and entertaining. It’s a skill very few technical writers possess. MotoGP Technology Third Edition is Neil’s life’s work. It is a staggering volume of absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the world’s fastest race bikes.’  

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