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Kawasaki Ninja 400 (5 spring)

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Kawasaki’s little Ninja 400 is the king of Junior Supersport..  it just needs a decent set up and a good slipper clutch…  The standard clutch isn’t much good for racing but it does handle the torque quite well. Most aftermarket slipper clutches struggle with the torque, not necessarily on a dyno but certainly on gear-changes with a quick-shifter.  There the torque spike from the shift overpowers the clutch. To combat this issue we have built a clutch that takes 2 extra plates (one friction one steel) and an extra spring. In order to fit into the standard clutch basket the plates are specially made thinner ones. The additional clutch area and spring mean that the clutch can handle high torque levels while still allowing you to use the best possible oils in your engine.

  • Five ramp, wet type.
  • Hard anodised in grey.
  • Clutch centre only.
  • Uses supplied steel and friction clutch plates and springs.