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Ducati 48T Kit. 43 degree. 1098/1198 only

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  • Six ramp, dry type.
  • Hard anodised in grey with a red pressure plate using steel friction surfaces.
  • Uses standard 1098/1198 springs
  • Includes 43 degree clutch centre, 48T alloy clutch basket and 48 tooth clutch pack.
  • 43 degree ramps are suitable for road/trackday and club racing

We do several clutches for the older ‘dry clutch’ engines.

All of the range are full slipper clutches and all come with full fitting and set up instructions. 

You will only require Ducati standard workshop tools to fit the clutch.

There are several options..

43 degree or 38 degree? 

This refers to the ramp angle inside the clutch. The ramps are the part that helps force the clutch apart as you and your bike enters a corner. The lower the ramp angle the easier the clutch can be forced apart and therefore the easier it slips. Our 43 degree clutch is designed to give the vast majority of ‘new slipper clutch’ users and track riders up to top club racer level the right ‘feel’.  The 38 degree slips a lot more and is intended for fast racers (think national level competition or above) who want to change gear very quickly and quite brutally at full race speeds.

Basket/ No basket.

We recommend a new Basket when fitting a Slipper clutch.  Ducati OEM baskets are a ‘normal wear item’ and when worn are part of the ‘Ducati dry clutch judder’ problem.  We believe a new basket (and preferably plates) will help the clutch work normally, and will make our slipper clutch work better too.

12 tooth or 48 tooth?

As we have mentioned above the condition of the basket is important to the operation of the clutch.  The Ducati standard design has 12 big teeth on the friction plates; and 12 big cuts in the basket to hold them. We have a 48 tooth version of the basket, and supply special 48 tooth plates to fit it, this spread the loads over a much greater area, with 4 times as many teeth the load on each tooth is 25% of what it was before. That reduces wear and helps the clutch work better for longer. In addition the clutch pack includes more ‘spring plates’ than standard, improving the ‘feel’ as you let the clutch out and making a big difference to the standard clutches propensity to ‘judder’.

Our 48Tooth clutch plates are sintered steel to help them deal with more power. The overall cost of the full 48 tooth kit isn’t that much in excess of the 12 tooth kit once the cost of Ducati standard plates is taken into account; it is however a significant upgrade.

All our dry clutches are designed for 1098/1198 springs.