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Aprilia RS660

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The Sigma Slipper clutch will help you set a quicker lap time. Our clutch also provides additional stability on track by settling down the rear suspension and letting you get into the corner more smoothly.

Our clutch is a simple ‘slipper only’ clutch so you don’t have to deal with the standard clutch wanting to engage while you are feeling for the ‘bite point’ on the start line.  In addition grip mid corner is improved. BMW have followed a similar strategy by replacing the ‘slipper gripper’ normally fitted to their S1000RR sports bikes with a conventional ‘slipper only‘ clutch on their race M1000RR version. 

You will require 4 replacement standard clutch plates.

3 x Friction Aprilia p/n 2A000927 and 1 x Steel p/n 2A000929

Our clutch includes new springs.

  • Five ramp, wet type.
  • Hard anodised in grey.
  • Clutch centre only.
  • Uses standard clutch plates (plus the 4 replacement standard) and supplied springs.