Swedish Suzuki GSXR1100 89-92 .                       

For this season I built two identical motors. I was supposed to have two identical bikes but one is not ready yet for different reasons.
Motors are 1109cc (as close to 1100cc I could come) They were built to be as angry as possible but still take the high RPM's for pretty long time.
We pulled them in the Dyno to 12000Rpm and the best one gave 178,5hp on the driveshaft, the curve still going up. The second one was just a hair behind.
This is numbers my Dyno guy never have seen anything close to for an GSXR1100 since 25 years ago when he started build and dyno these GSXR motors.
The Dyno was balanced two times and was within 0,1%, we was thinking it must be something wrong with it but it was on the money :)
This is a beast and it pulls like a comet or something. I have now five full training days with the clutch and three racing weekends ( 6 races ).
The result is six second places and currently second place in the Classic Nordic championship F1 bikes, I am very happy with that!
With that said I have abused both the motor, gearbox and of course the clutch big time. During the last race the second gear was not happy.
So I had to install the second motor in the bike, and of course move the slipper clutch to the new motor. I could not find any kind of wear at all.
When checking the clutch and the associated parts. The clutch also behaved flawless during all the driving. You can say I am pretty happy with it.
I use aftermarket plates, Motul V300 oil and TRW GSXR1000 springs that is 10% stronger than OEM and your normal washers.
The thinners washers (grey) could not be used with this springs, way to heavy!

- Mats Norgren

New Zealand- Kawasaki ZX636 03/04                                                                         

I purchased a slipper clutch setup from you approx  5 months ago  and just thought I’d send a quick message to say it works great. I’m  very happy with it and it has transformed the bike into a smooth controllable machine.

 Many thanks    Graeme Walker   ( NEW  ZEALAND )

                                                                                                                      United Kingdom - Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD

I spoke to you a few weeks back about a slipper clutch on a GSXR SRAD 600 and just wanted to say how amazing it is..

On Tuesday I took her to Brands hatch for a track day and good lord, I forgot I was on my SRAD. It was a strange feeling; it felt so modern without feeling numb. It still felt like her but coming up to paddock ,my confidence grew throughout the day, the more I learned how far I could push her and more myself. Genuinely still dreamy eyed about it all now and cannot wait to get out again!

Thanks again for all of your help when I called, really soaked it up and appreciated you taking time out to talk to me. Your product is epic and wanted to let you know, but I'm pretty sure you knew already!  I've been spreading the word to any one who will listen!

Thanks again..  Adam